Spudniks for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?!

Spudniks for Breakfast, Lunch, AND DINNER!

Indulging in a bag of Spduniks Popcorn is pretty great on its’ own. But have you ever wished you could eat your favourite snack for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Check out these awesome recipes and see what our amazing kernels can really do!


Popcorn Granola Bars!

We know you probably add tons of ingredients into your granola bars such as oats, nuts, dried fruit, honey, (and maybe even chocolate if you’re feeling really adventurous). We HIGHLY recommend you toss in some of our Sea Salt popcorn! The saltiness of the popcorn will blend perfectly with the sweet flavours and we guarantee your morning will be off to a great start!




Soup is generally a simple dish, but now you can spice it up! Try using our plain popcorn as croutons. It will give your soup a nice crunch, and c’mon, popcorn vs croutons? You know the right answer!



Popcorn Crusted Chicken!

As we’re sure you know (because you’re obsessed with popcorn, right?) peanuts and popcorn is one of the best combos EVER! That’s why we are totally in love with this popcorn crusted peanut chicken! Take some plain Spundiks popcorn (Skinny Pop if you’re feeling healthy), and put it in the blender! Then coat your chicken, bake it, and serve it with a peanut sauce of your choice! Can you say YUMMY?!






Spudniks for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner?!

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