Our snacks, whether it’s popcorn or kettle chips, will be flying off your shelves in any retail location. We are currently in several grocery stores, restaurants, and other stores such as Toys R us and Home Depot!

If you are looking at reinvigorating you’re kettle Chip and Popcorn sales, then look no further than Spudniks.

  • Greater volume
  • Greater turns
  • Competitive margin
  • Sell Through

With over 25 years experience selling to the Grocery, Drug, Mass, Club, Discount and Convenience Store channels we bring to you quality, value to your consumers and a great tasting product. Once our products are on our shelves, we work diligently with your team to analyze flow of goods, sales, identify sales trends and opportunities that we can recommend to further drive business. At Spudniks, we understand that, once on shelf, our job is just beginning. We will work with our retailer partners to drive traffic to your store and specifically to our products. We utilize cutting edge digital media, meaningful interaction on social media and optimize our SEO. When your customer thinks snacks, we want them to think about Spudniks at their local store. Our team will work with your team to ensure success at retail. Spudniks consumers are guaranteed a flavourful, mouth watering experience!

As well, we do many private label programs. Inquire and we can explain our successes in creating or in refreshing a private label programs. Don’t hesitate to call us and discuss how we can bring a fresh approach to your snack sales.