5 Truths Only Snack Lovers Know to Be True

If you’re known among your friends and family as the person who always has a snack on hand, this article is for you. Snack-lovers know how great it is to always have something to much on, no matter the situation! Whether you’re sitting down to watch a movie or taking a long road trip, snacks are always at the center. If that sounds like you, we feel you! And, we’ve got some serious truths only hardcore snack lovers truly understand.

  1. There is Only One Cure for ‘Hangry’

Your close friends and family know to steer clear of you when it’s been too long without your favorite go-to snack. Snack lovers define ‘hangry’ when something crunchy isn’t within arms’ reach. It can be a frightening scene if it’s not taken care of quickly!

  1. You Attend Events Based on What Snacks They’ll Have

Going to the movies? Your first thought is popcorn. Is your friend having a party? Your mind wanders to what kind of chips they’ll have – or, if you should bring your own. Every event is just an excuse to much for a snack-lover!

  1. Free Snacks Feel Like Winning the Lottery

No one gets as excited about free popcorn as you do. In fact, you don’t go to the bars to drink, you go to crunch on that salty goodness at no additional cost. You may have even been known to geek out a little about a bag of pretzels or peanuts on an airplane. Free snacks taste better – it’s science!

  1. You Always Have a Wide Selection

People know that when they come to your house, they’re going to have options. With so many varieties of chips, popcorn, sodas, candy, and more, your pantry looks more like its own grocery store aisle than anything else. But, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. Choosing a Favorite is Like Choosing a Baby

Just because you’re a snack-a-holic doesn’t necessarily mean you have a favorite. It can send you into sheer panic mode when someone asks you to pick your top treat. It’s like picking your favorite child! Real snack connoisseurs don’t bother with playing favorites. They’re too excited about trying new flavors all the time!

If any of these tell-tale signs reflect your relationship with snacks, don’t worry. Chances are, your friends and family will always look to you when it comes to reviewing the latest and greatest treats, and everyone will always know you’ve got the best snack drawer in the office.


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