3 Reasons Why Popcorn Is The Perfect Snack!

Have you always been searching for the perfect snack? Something you can eat LITERALLY all the time, whenever, wherever you are. Have you ever considered POPCORN? We’re here to tell you the top 3 reasons why Spudniks popcorn could and should be your new favourite snack!

It’s ACTUALLY healthier 

With all the delicious flavours, popcorn might not seem super healthy although it’s definitely a better alternative to chocolate or cake! Many of our Spudniks snacks are gluten free, vegan and non-GMO, which is why we highly suggest you grab for your next snack!

It’s perfect for Anywhere, any time

What other snack could you literally eat whenever and wherever you want? At the movies, at the mall, at home, at your friends, at a party, at school, POPCORN IS EVERYWHERE! It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it won’t melt or overheat, and its crunchy, sweet, and flavourful. Our grab n’ go bags, are especially convenient for on-the-go!

Its kid-friendly

Unlike some other snacks out there, popcorn is LOVED by kids. Spudniks has over 15 delicious popcorn flavours for your family to choose from. Our bags can easily be packed in your child’s lunchbox, or enjoyed as the perfect after-school snack!

Go grab your bulk boxes or cases of Spudniks popcorn or kettle chips today on our website at www.spudniks.com


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